This video will walk you through this weeks workouts. PLEASE WATCH all of this to ensure proper training!

Getting Started in Week 11


Same structure as last week with a few more rounds. FIRST: The 15 minute movement practice at the beginning will now focus on FLOWS as opposed to single movements. A FLOW is a combination of two or more movements stacked into a sequence. The goal of the FLOW is to learn how to move with accuracy from the end of one movement into the start/finish of another. SECOND: The meat of the training will be a triplet which is three movements done. THIRD: You will be adding a half a TABATA as a finisher. A tabata is a timing sequence where you work as hard as you can for :20 seconds and rest for :10 seconds. Here is a link to explain (link)

The goals for this week are…

  1. Use the practice time to hold yourself to an incredibly high standard of movement quality.

  2. Take notes, both written and video logged as to your movement/ what works and what does not.

  3. Grow more in the endurance of quality repetitions.

(Remember the 5 Core Movements)

Now Let's Get Started

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Tell us about your eleventh week!
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Again, Take time to learn the
5 Essential Movements